Meet Seth Vogelsang: Your ASA Treasurer

Ready to meet the guy in charge of all of the money (well some of it)? Fairmont, MN native Seth Vogelsang is the guy to talk to. He’s also our Treasurer and makes sure money is allocated to all the awesome student groups on campus. Seth is a senior majoring in Economics and Business Administration with a concentration in Finance – good thing he likes money. Seth keeps busy at Augustana not only with ASA, but as a member of Augieholics and working at an internship with First Premier Bank. Seth was excited to share with you what his job as treasurer is all about!

What is your role as Treasurer and the Administration and Planning Committee Chair?

Seth: The Administration and Planning Committee is here to dominate the world. We essentially review all concerns dealing with money and student groups, and we make allocations based on budgetary concerns of each group. We review each request and continually evaluate options. The Administration and Planning Committee is also assigned to make amendments to the ASA constitution as they see fit (of course the Senate must approve these amendments).

My position on the Committee is the Treasurer. It is an elected position on the Senate. This means I get to lead the Administration and Planning Committee meetings, review previous budgets, and meet with leaders from many organizations. Being the Treasurer also means I get to meet with Luanne in the Business office, and she is awesome, so that is a definite plus!

Why did you choose to become part of this committee?

Seth: I was forced to because of the position I was elected to….

All kidding aside, It’s the best position on campus. Matt can keep the presidency. I get to meet with every student group on campus and talk about their goals for Augustana and learn how I can help them accomplish those goals. It is truly remarkable to see how many people at this school are more creative, intelligent, and motivated than anything I could have imagined! That is why I am part of this committee.

What has your committee been working on this year?

Seth: We have been working on a new way for student groups to receive funding. This would increase the amount each group is eligible for while making the entire process more efficient. This would also take the stress off of the budget meetings, which makes life easier for many student groups that are involved in those meetings.

What should every student know about your committee?

Seth: Every student should know that if the Administration and Planning Committee had a bajillion dollars, we would fully fund every opportunity every student has. We never want to say no to a request. It simply comes down to the budgetary constraints that we have.

How can students make sure their voices are heard?

Seth: Every voice can be heard by emailing me, Matt, Krista, or any other senator. Your questions, concerns, smart remarks, and relationship advice are valuable to us. I appreciate it when people ask me questions, and I would really like more people to be involved in the process!

What is your favorite meal at Augie?

Seth: My favorite meal at Augie is a Buffalo Chicken wrap with carrots, celery, cheddar cheese, and a healthy dose of buffalo ranch. It’s probably the most awesome thing in the world.

What is your favorite memory at Augie?

Seth: I have so many favorite memories at this school. Ranging from a tailgate watching potential students hit a stuffed cougar with a bat to going to Thailand and playing frisbee on a beautiful beach with Dr. Nesiba. I think the majority of my college experience has been amazing.

Where is the best place to study on campus?

Seth: I like the upstairs couches of the Madsen Center to study. They are ridiculously comfy, and not many people know about them! I get too distracted with people while in the library.

Now that you’ve met our witty treasurer, stay posted to meet the rest of the crew! If you have any questions for Seth, or want to learn how he tamed the lion in his picture, be sure to call him at 507-236-3196 or send him an email at As always, feel free to contact us at, or via our websiteFacebook and Twitter.



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