Meet Matt Bell, Your Personnel and Development Chair

So now that you’ve met our four officers, it’s time to meet the committee chair for Personnel and Development. Matt Bell, a sophomore Biology major from Sioux Falls is in charge of this committee. In addition to his ASA Senatorial duties, Matt is involved in the Bio and Pre Med clubs. So what exactly is P&D? Matt was happy to share his thoughts on his involvement as committee chair this past year.

What does the P&D committee do and why did you choose to become part of ASA? 

Matt: My committee works to harbor and support leadership on the Augustana campus. Each year we select the leaders for the major student groups on campus, making sure that our student groups and campus continue to have success in all of their endeavors.

I think student leadership is one of the most powerful and important aspects to having a successful college both in the present and looking into the future. I wanted to be a member of a committee that seeks out and selects the future leaders of our major student groups.

What has your committee been working on this year?

Matt: My committee  finished up the bone marrow registry drive here on campus. I love that event simply because it educates our students about opportunities for donations, but also emphasizes the beauty in selfless service. We are currently working to nominate the best leaders into positions of influence on our campus.

What can students do to make sure their voices are heard on campus?

Matt: Encourage strong leaders you know to apply and pursue leadership opportunities. A better Augustana starts with its students, and we need strong leaders to continue to lead us on our path to improvement.

What is your favorite meal at Augie?

Matt: I love the thanksgiving meal at Augustana.

If you had a superpower what would it be?

Matt: If I had a super power it would definitely be invisibility.

If you have any other questions for Matt make sure to contact him by email at or at 605-331-5341. We hope you enjoyed getting to know Matt a bit more, and now have a better ideas of what P&D is all about! Be sure to contact us  at, or via our websiteFacebook and Twitter.



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