Meet Your Co-Curriculum Committee Chair!

Meet senior Biology major and Psychology minor from Windom, MN, Emily Grandprey. Besides her involvement on ASA as a Senator and Co-Curriculum Committee Chair, Emily was the Viking Days Co-Chair with Shelby Kontz. She is also in Tri-Beta, Augustana’s Biology Honors Society, Angelus, one of the Augustana choirs, and works at the Elmen Center for Recreational Services.

What does the Co-Curriculum Committee do?

Emily: The Co-Curriculum Committee is responsible for addressing student concerns in regards to issues outside of the academic realm. Basically if there is an issue outside of the classroom, we address it! This year, we have made an effort to focus specifically on Housing, Dining, and miscellaneous concerns like fixing the clocks in Humanities, outlets in the Huddle, printing in the commons, etc. We also serve on the faculty/administrative co-curriculum council that addresses similar issues. Our mission is to ensure  the students’ voices are heard in regards to issues that affect student life.

What are your duties as the Co-Curriculum Committee Chair and why did you decide to become part of the committee?

Emily: I organize the Co-Curriculum Committee’s meetings, set goals for the committee, and make sure issues are being addressed. The Co-Curriculum Committee meets bi-weekly.

I wanted to be a part of this committee because, through my own experiences, I have become aware of the impact that problems outside of the classroom can have on student happiness and well being. Yes, academic issues can be a struggle, but things like your dining options, housing placement, and study spaces can affect your Augustana experience just as greatly.

What has your committee been working on this year?

Emily: Our committee has been very busy. We have worked with housing all year to address student concerns such as the stress that accompanies housing selection, the need for more apartments, and communication between students and administration. We have also researched upgrading our laundry facilities on campus so they would no longer be coin operated. Additionally, we have looked into the possibilities of adding a printer in the commons, and there was one placed in the Siverson Lounge during fall semester finals week because of our committee! We are now starting to work on a student activities brochure to offer to first year students to help them find ways to be involved on campus, and we are working on making an off campus newsletter to help students who no longer live in residence halls become aware of on campus events. Recently, our committee formed a dining services task force called the Kitchen Cabinet to address the future of dining services and its everyday practices.

How can students ensure their voices are heard?

Emily: If you want your voice heard, just talk to one of us! The members of this committee are Jesse Fonkert, Crystal Ortbahn, Scot Missing, Leah Murfield, Brittany Dardis, Kirsten Titze, and Katie Romano. We start all of our meetings by first discussing concerns that we have been hearing around campus. Our committee loves working hard for you. If you have a concern, please tell us so we can work to solve it.

What is your favorite meal at Augie?

Emily: I typically make my own stir-fry when I eat in the commons, but my favorite thing to eat is ice cream.

What is your favorite memory at Augie?

Emily: My favorite memories at Augie are around Viking Days. It is the one week where you can put aside the stress of being a college student and just have fun with your friends. This week is especially fun for the Viking Days committee because you can see your hard work pay off.

Where is your favorite place to study?

Emily: My favorite place to study on campus is the library in a study room with a few friends.

If you had a superpower, what would it be?

Emily: If I had a superpower, I would want to have the power of teleportation. I would be able to travel the world instantly!

If you have any other questions for Emily be sure to contact her at or at 507-822-3250. We hope you enjoyed getting to know Emily a bit more, and  have a better idea of what the Co-Curriculum Committee is all about! Be sure to contact us at, or via our websiteFacebook and Twitter.



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