Meet Your Curriculum Committee Chair

Meet Kat Van Gerpen, your Curriculum Committee Chair! Kat is a sophomore Nursing major from Pierre, SD. In addition to participating in ASA, Kat is a PA in Solberg and a member of the Viking Ultimate Club. She also enjoys intramurals and  helping out at chapel.

What is the Curriculum Committee? 

Kat: The Curriculum’s Committee’s mission is to better the academic lives of students by improving Augustana’s Curriculum. The committee does that by having two representatives attend Curriculum Council meetings. Facilitating the Faculty Recognition Award is one of the committee’s main tasks.

What has your committee been working on recently?

Kat: Our committee is currently running Faculty Recognition Week and in the process of looking through the nominations for the Faculty Recognition Award.  We have also been discussing Curriculum Council Global Education Committee matters.

Why did you choose to  become part of this committee?

Kat: I chose to become a part of this committee because last year I was a part of the Co-Curriculum Committee, and I was interested in seeing what the Curriculum committee does.

How can students ensure their voices are heard on campus?

Kat: Every student should know that this committee has a voice in academic matters on campus (changes made to graduation requirements, new courses, and study abroad opportunities.) Your voices can be heard and expressed by contacting any member of our committee.

What is your favorite meal at Augie?

Kat: I don’t really have a favorite meal at Augie, but I do love all the delicious soups!

Where is your favorite place to study?

Kat: My favorite place to study on campus is either the Huddle or the ASA office.

If you had a superpower, what would it be?

Kat: If I had a superpower it would be reading people’s minds using their body language and facial expressions.

If you have any other questions for Kat make sure to contact her at or at 605-280-4592. We hope you enjoyed getting to know Kat a bit more, and  have a better idea of what the Curriculum Committee is all about! Be sure to contact us  at, or via our websiteFacebook and Twitter.



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