A Year In Review

Having spent many hours working in collaboration with this year’s ASA President and Vice President, I felt it was only fitting to invite them to speak about their year working alongside the Senate, faculty, and administration at Augustana College. Matt Anderson and Krista Youngberg are two of the most dedicated and hard working individuals I have had the chance to work alongside. ASA made huge strides this past year in terms of communication and the energy senators put into their work. Matt and Krista’s passion for Augustana is inspirational. I am excited to share their thoughts on their year in office and excitement for the future of ASA.

Krista Youngberg, ASA Vice President

The Senate this year has been one of the best groups of people I have had the opportunity to work alongside. They are passionate and intelligent individuals that strive to do their best for Augustana. Looking in to the future, I would love to see the Senate take part in more activities off campus and go out into the Sioux Falls community. I am excited to see how the new budget will enhance student group activities on campus next year. The Senate’s ability to make larger projects for the student body feasible with new budget is exciting. Getting the mobile app up and running was a tremendous hurdle to overcome, and I am happy to have that out and functioning. One of the most rewarding parts of this position has been working alongside Matt Anderson. He is a great guy and together we have been able to communicate with students and make sure their voices are heard. I hope next year’s Senate keeps up the same passion and drive and continues to make Augustana the great community that it is.

– Krista Youngberg

Matt Anderson, ASA President:

This past year on the senate was a huge success. I could not be more proud of the energy and effort that each and every senator put in. We were able to rework our budgeting process to ensure equity and efficiency for student groups. I am confident this change will be a positive one for all students on campus, as the money we distribute effects everybody — from individual students to our largest campus organizations such as UBG and Viking Days.

This year also saw the maturation of several long-term projects that were several years in the making. Last year, we worked to secure funds to do updates to electrical access in the Huddle, but did not see the work completed until Easter Break. This change has given students more flexibility in terms of study spaces on campus. I am also excited to see what changes are made as we look to possible future expansion in the Morrison Commons. It is likely that students will be seeing updated and expanded spaces for student use, which will only enhance the areas we already have to offer. Another major project that was spearheaded by last year’s ASA Executive Committee was the commissioning of the Augie Mobile App. Several months of brainstorming and planning went into the initial concept, which was then given to Robert Mikhayelyan for the development of the app. He has done amazing work, and I am excited to have been able to help see the project to its initial release. I am eager to see the app developed more in the future, as it can play a major role in spreading Augie’s message to prospective students and the greater community.

This year saw huge changes in how ASA markets itself. The mobile app is just one way that we have worked to strengthen communication on campus. We overhauled Augustana’s calendar system last year to include activities from all of our student groups. This calendar — initially an “ASA Campus Calendar” — has now been adopted as the major calendar system for the College. The biggest catalyst in improving ASA’s communication has been Aimée Fisher, ASA’s first Director of Communications. She has done a phenomenal job developing new creative outlets for getting information spread to our students and community. I am extremely proud of the work she has done.

I am eager to see what is in store for ASA in the coming year. Brittany Dardis and Elliot Blue have great ideas and are in a good position to be making some more big changes for students. I expect to hear more about housing in the coming year, as those are recurring concerns each spring that need to be addressed. But perhaps the most exciting changes that are to come are those that cannot be anticipated. Brittany and Elliot will be actively seeking feedback from students about what they want to see changed at Augie. It is through those conversations that great progress can be made.

Although the year is winding down for the Senate, ASA is poised to keep the momentum going into next year. Again, I am thankful to have had the opportunity to work with such an invested Senate this past year. The work we did will continue to impact students for a long time.

– Matt Anderson

On behalf of the Senate, I would like to thank you for all of your support this past year. As always, it is hard to say good bye to our seniors as they venture out into the world. We are excited to welcome in the new Senate and continue the work we have started. I anticipate next year will be full of positive progress and change. Keep an eye out for Brittany and Elliot’s first announcement as the official ASA President and Vice President for the 2014-2015 academic year. Be sure to like us on Facebook, Twitter, visit our website, or send us an email at asa@ole.augie.edu!




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