It’s A Great Day To Be A Viking

As the year is winding down, ASA is welcoming in new leadership. On Monday, our new Senate, President, and Vice President were formally inaugurated. Brittany Dardis and Elliot Blue have big plans for ASA this coming year and we are excited to welcome them as our new leaders. The team is already off to a great start working to organize POD summer storage and plan for the coming school year. I invited Brittany and Elliot to share their goals for next year if you were unable to meet them during their campaigning.

Elliot Blue, ASA Vice President:

Brittany and I have a lot of goals for next year. Our major goal is to make ASA more relevant and transparent by strengthening the student, faculty, and administrative relationships. Additionally, we want to work toward better informing the student body of what is going on with the Senate through “Fireside Chats”, the Augustana College Mobile App, and personal communication. Updating facilities around campus is another major focus of ours. All of this, of course, will only be possible with input from the student body. We really want to make changes that the students want to see.

– Elliot Blue

Brittany Dardis, ASA President:

In addition to what Elliot mentioned, we want to continue progress that the ASA Senate has made this year. This will entail revisiting the budget if any issues arise, revising procedures stated in the ASA Constitution by making them more clear and specific, and continuing to work on projects that have not reached completion during this academic year. We also want to enhance the student experience by increasing sustainability on campus. One way we can do this is to host forums on the topics of recycling rules and what Augie students can do in their daily lives to create a smaller impact on the environment. As Elliot stated, we want to increase communication between faculty/staff, the ASA Senate, and the student body so that we can effectively work towards achieving these goals.

– Brittany Dardis

This blog is just one of the ways ASA hopes to communicate with the student body, faculty, and administration. We want you to know who we are and how to contact us so your voice can be heard. Be on the lookout for information about storing your belongings with ASA over the summer and updates from Brittany, Elliot, and the Senate. Please stay connected with us on Facebook and Twitter, visit our website, or send us an email at!

It’s A Great Day To Be A Viking!



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