Meet Paige Schwitters, ASA President

Meet Paige Schwitters. Your ASA president Paige definitely takes advantage of the opportunities she’s been given in her four years at Augustana. Originally from Clara City, Paige is working toward a degree in Business Administration/Communication Studies major with an emphasis in Marketing and a minor in Spanish (wow!). Paige feels very honored and humbled to serve the Augustana campus throughout her senior year. In her role as the ASA president, Paige hopes to create a greater awareness of the Senate on campus as well as to develop in her personal leadership. “I enjoy being a part of ASA because I think it’s all about making a positive change on campus,” Paige states. “I want to make the Augie experience better for everyone coming through.” One person that has made an impact on her schooling is business professor Jaciel Keltgen . Paige believes that Professor Keltgen has definitely helped her prepare for her future in the Marketing and Advertising world by being extremely knowledgeable in the field as well as helping her develop her personal portfolio.


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