Meet Thomas Elness, ASA Vice President

Meet Thomas Elness. Your ASA Vice President Thomas grew up in small town Windom, MN before he began exploring many opportunities in leadership at Augustana. In May, he will be finishing up school with a degree in Business Administration and Communication studies. An interesting fact about Thomas is that he shares his birthday with his dad and his grandpa! Thomas utilizes his role as Vice President to grow in his leadership, time management skills, and delegating abilities. A particular initiative that Thomas is excited about is working towards a tobacco-free campus. “I enjoy being able to make tangible differences in the lives of students for those who are here now and who will be in the future,” Thomas states. One person that has made an influence in Thomas’s life is Professor Reynold Nesiba, one of the economics professors at Augie. Thomas is grateful for how Dr. Nesiba has challenged the way he views the world around him. Thomas has now developed a way of thinking about the world systematically and institutionally for the sake of others


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