It’s A Great Day To Be A Viking

As the year is winding down, ASA is welcoming in new leadership. On Monday, our new Senate, President, and Vice President were formally inaugurated. Brittany Dardis and Elliot Blue have big plans for ASA this coming year and we are excited to welcome them as our new leaders. The team is already off to a great start working to organize POD summer storage and plan for the coming … Continue reading It’s A Great Day To Be A Viking

A Year In Review

Having spent many hours working in collaboration with this year’s ASA President and Vice President, I felt it was only fitting to invite them to speak about their year working alongside the Senate, faculty, and administration at Augustana College. Matt Anderson and Krista Youngberg are two of the most dedicated and hard working individuals I have had the chance to work alongside. ASA made huge strides this … Continue reading A Year In Review